Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Episode 54 - Interview Paul Czarnowski creator Robots with Coffee

 Comics With My Kids Podcast

-Episode 54- 

interview : paul czarnowski 

creator of robots with coffee

This episode, Dad a.k.a. Matt D.  sits down with Comic strip creator  Paul Czarnowski to discuss his online comic strip Robots With Coffee.  Paul gives his elevator pitch about Robots with coffee as well as where he came up with Mort Inkingbot.  Matt and Paul discuss what comic strips influenced Paul growing up  as well as where a listener can get a copy of the collected strips.

Speaking of Robots, Matt discuss with Paul the finer points of the 80's toy lines  Transformers and Go Bots.  Which was better? What characters did they like? and What influence they had on Robots with Coffee.  

Paul then talks a little bit about another passion project: Hired Goons!  Paul tells us about his Chicago based band that plays songs about the Simpsons as well as comic book characters. The two also discuss what was so great about the Hired Goon's song Darkhawk and just how funny the Spider-man rogues gallery is when they get to the 14th Spider-man movie. 

If you are looking for a fun family friendly comic strip to read , then check out Robots With Coffee. 

Also check out Pauls Facebook page Robots Facebook 
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Also check out Hired Goons band on Facebook @ Hired Goons


So Mom and Dad's grab a cup of coffee and have a listen to this fun chat with Paul Czarnowski.

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